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Coastal Trust Bank.

Our reputation speaks for us.

We provide the global commerce tools people need to build businesses, accept payments, and enable commerce for their users. It’s the simplest way to get paid for your great ideas -- across any device, and through almost any payment method.  We provide online banking services, you don't have to be present at a bank location to open a checking account with us. Top of that you're entitled to interest for long term deposit when you use our savings account product. Merchants in more than 45 countries worldwide can accept, split, and enable payments in more than 130 currencies using Coastal Trust Bank. And we’re here for you -- with stellar support, innovative concepts, and simple processes. Get the best and least expensive loan for your car, education, and business. Get insured with our life insurance policy in collaboration with our extensive partnership in the banking and insurance industry. To crown it all our services and payments options are developed in the best suitable way to cater for the needs of our large international customer base, and counts the likes of PayPal, venmo,Cash app,Chime Bank, Swedebank, and so many other finnancial institutions and firms among our subsidiary and partners.

Easy to use

Our platform is easy and flexible with high defination interest rate.

24/7 customer support

Our support section is available via email 24/7 to help and attend to bookings and enquires.

Hybrid accounts

Personal or business accounts are available in savings and current.