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Confidence for whatever life brings.

You’ve prospered by trusting your instincts and challenging yourself. You want to be guided. You want expert advice without giving up control. And you want to be certain your interests are well represented. At Coastal Trust Bank Private Wealth Management we help you look beyond the portfolio—taking time to learn your needs, wants and aspirations so you are prepared for whatever life brings.

Everything That You Have To Know About Investments Is At A Single Place!

To reach our goal of becoming a specialist in financial markets and the preceding bank of our customers, we are joining our forces with RCN Asset Management Inc. and RCN Investment Inc., and presenting you the “Coastal Trust Bank Wealth Management”.
You will find the answers for the questions that you encounter while managing your investments with Coastal Trust Bank Wealth Management.

If you are saying;

I don’t know the investment tools very well, I can’t decide on which tools to invest in.
Which risks am I taking while giving an investment decision?
What are the opportunities that fit me, am I missing those opportunities?
Markets are changing very fast, I’m finding it hard to track my position.
I need a financial service that I can access quickly and from a single place, that I can use confidently without any confusion and that can easily help me keep up with the results of my investments,

you will find the unique customer experience created by the confidence of working with the leading enterprises of their sectors while finding financial solutions for your needs at Coastal Trust Bank Wealth Management.

With Coastal Trust Bank Wealth Management;

We are analyzing your personal investment trends and assessing your risk profile.
We are offering “Strategic Asset Distribution” advice that is suitable for your risk profile which we developed with US’s prominent enterprise in its subject, RCN Asset Management.
If you want to manage your investments according to these advices;
We are enabling you to shape your investments by a single transaction with “Portfolio Ideas(Bu sayfa yeni pencerede açılacaktır)” where the allocated asset distribution gets updated parallel to market conditions, which eliminates the burden to continuously track your investments.
With our other offering, “Fund Baskets”, we are helping you to hedge your risk and increase your return potential by easily buying the advised asset distribution for your risk profile.
We are finding intelligent solutions for your investment needs with RCN Asset Management’s large mutual fund universe.
If you prefer to create an asset distribution plan with your own pick of products; we are offering general investment advices that are created with the partnership of RCN Invesment.
If you are closely following the markets, making buy-sell transactions with various financial instruments, and need private investment advices in addition to general investment advices;
We are enabling you to have video conversation with Ak Investment’s versed and expert Investment Advisors through your Relationship Manager.

We are making it possible for you to track the results of these investment services quickly and from a single place.
If you want to start shaping your investments with Coastal Trust Bank Wealth Management, Coastal Trust Bank Direkt Internet is with you. Besides that, you can track your investments from wherever you are through your tablet or mobile phone with the divergence of Coastal Trust Bank.

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Personal or business accounts are available in savings and current.